Beauty and The Alarm Clock

Its half past six and I’m jumping out of bed. I pop into the shower, exit at a quarter to seven with damp hair. Hmm…is it humanly possible to get dressed for work in five minutes? No time for make-up, as I race down the stairs grabbing one of those low-fat cereal bars that are oh so wholesome, but leave me mysteriously hungry 20 minutes later. As I head for the door I look into the mirror and think to myself “I cannot go out like this…” Race back up the stars to grab my make-up bag, dabbing concealer as I make my final exit at a quarter past seven. Is there any time for beauty and the working woman?

When working with clients, many describe a variation of the above scenario. When we awake in the morning, we want to step out looking our best. It can be tricky finding time between the dog’s am walk, getting the kids up, and running through your mental to-do list, but here’s some help to keep you fresh, beautiful and ready to face the day. It’s a little kit that you can carry great for make-up on the go.

What you will need in a small make-up bag:

Concealor – Instead of the pot, opt for a concealor pen, or stick. All you do is spot, then blend.

Crème to Powder Foundation- This is great on the go because it s not messy and gives a smooth finish. It comes in a convenient compact with applicator brush for easy use.

Blush Stick- Dab and blend

Mascara- Gives sleepy eye a flattering boost

Tinted Lip Gloss- Moisturizes your lips while adding a touch of color to wake up your face.

A mini-pack of make-up wipes – Ever finish your make-up on the train and start flipping through a brief only to realize you’ve left a trail of sticky fingerprints?

Place the bag next to your purse so it’s always handy. It works great for spare minutes at home and great for on the go. Traffic and meetings are meant to be frustrating, looking your best shouldn’t be.

Author Lakeysha Green is a professional fashion stylist. You can read more of her free fashion & style tips and receive a free makeover sampler at Copyright 2006 ©

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